bvwack documentation

Usage: bvwack options


-b BASE_DIR, --base-dir BASE_DIR Set BASE_DIR instead of $PWD
-d, --dry-run Do a dry run. Prints proposed commands to STDOUT.
-c, --clean-up Instead of converting, move all converted files to $PWD/bvwack-back/[old-path]. If used with -b files will be moved to BASE_DIR/bvwack-path/[old-path]
-n #, --num-files # Number of videos to batch. If -n is omitted, the default is -n 2
-l, --list_converted Lists files that have been converted but not cleaned. Useful for verifying successful conversion.

Notes: I have set the FFMPEG options to use only 2 threads. This allows me to use my laptop while converting things. If you just want to hog through video try setting -threads 0 in FFMPEG_OPTS. Currently bvwack only works on UNIX-like systems.

Requirements: ffmpeg and a libx264-slow.ffpreset (possibly in your ~/.ffmpeg/ directory or in your Cellar if you use brew.) Google is your friend.


bvwack -dwShows proposed commands for 2 videos
bvwack -w -b somedir/anotherdir -n 5Converts 5 videos under somedir/anotherdir
bvwack -c -n 10Moves 10 already converted mkv or avi files to /Volumes/thundar/medai/converted/[od-path]"